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The science of nanobubble oxygen has been around for many years, however the applications of the technology were previously limited due to engineering challenges in creating a nanobubble with a constant size and density. After years of research and development the team at NBT have developed a market leading nanobubble generator, specifically designed for turf applications. Nanobubbles infuse oxygen in the water delivering the gas directly to the roots of the plant when applied. This is performed in conjunction with ozone which operates to treat the water at the source to mitigate the spread of pathogens and other diseases. This is a critical aspect of the overall performance of the NBT treatment system.

Ozone kills fungi, bacteria, and viruses on contact. After the ozone has been used it reverts back to oxygen which further increases the quality of the water. The process of using ozone for sanitization has the added benefit of leaving no chemical residue in the water. Any ozone that remains has a half-life of approximately 20-30 minutes meaning it quickly dissipates after treatment. This is particularly useful in water that is high in biological matter such as effluent water, dams, tanks or bores, which have a high biological oxygen demand, further reducing the already low oxygen level in stored water supplies.

Nelson Bay Golf Course

Avondale Golf Course

Avondale Golf Course

Avondale Golf Course

Magenta Shores Golf Course

Key Benefits Of Treated Water

  • Improved plant health
  • Improved root development
  • Increased nutrient and water uptake
  • Improved soil aeration
  • Reduced surface tension for greater penetration
  • Ability to withstand environmental stresses and seasonal change
  • Reduce costs related to chemical applications
  • Reduced costs related to water consumption
  • Decreased environmental impact
  • Restore good bacteria within soil
  • Removes scale and biofilm from irrigation lines
  • Control of fungi, bacteria and parasites
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Water Before Treatment

Water After Treatment

As well as plant health, NBT’s Sports Turf Solution effectively removes unwanted organic build-up in wet environments. Treated water removes scale and biofilms when passed through irrigation lines, reducing the need for harsh chemicals that can potentially damage irrigation pipes, sprinkler heads, and filtration systems.

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The Importance Of Dissolved Oxygen In Irrigation Water

Dissolved oxygen (DO) in irrigation water is an often-neglected indicator of the quality of a water source. Low DO levels have a significant impact on plant health, root development, fertiliser and water uptake as well as final yield. Poor quality water with low DO levels will also take away oxygen from plants through the root system and deplete soil oxygen, both of which are needed for healthy plants and heathy soil bacterial flora. Insufficient DO can lead to other problems such as nematodes which prefer oxygen-poor soils. Irrigating plants with water low DO makes root systems shallow causing them to be susceptible to damage and disease.

Research has shown that reducing the concentration of DO in the root zone of plants will compromise the plants’ ability to absorb essential nitrates and water. Research has also demonstrated that roots are injured by O2 deficiency, and that plant metabolism changes during acclimation to low concentrations of O2. The lack of DO in soil and water is a problem that keeps compounding the longer it lasts.

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Shallow Roots / Compacted Soil


Air & Water

Standard mechanical aeration combined with irrigation water requires higher volume of water and costly course maintenance.


Deeper Roots / New Root Growth


Healthier Lawn

NBT Sport Turf water infiltrates twice as fast, deep and laterally to deliver healthy, more durable plants.

Root structure and soil binding

From Left to Right: NBT Watered Seeds, Town Water,
Irrigation water

Why use NBT’s Sports Turf Solution?

Research has shown that low dissolved oxygen in stored water compromises the root system’s ability to absorb nutrients and other crucial elements needed for resilient and healthy turf. Having a high dissolved oxygen level aids in the aeration of all soil types which eliminates anoxic conditions within the soil and enhances root growth. This means less frequent maintenance of the soil through chemical applications, coring, and slashing. Not to mention a much higher absorption rate through the root system of essential nutrients (whether added or naturally occurring). Golf course superintendents all know the repercussions of having pythium Black Fungus or dollar spot outbreaks. Our Sports Turf Solution has proven results of eliminating these common diseases and consistent use will prevent fungi, bacteria and parasites from forming on the course.

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Nano Sight Tracking


Nanobubble Technology’s patented injector system is market-leading, providing the largest amount of critical dissolved oxygen and ozone to water than other nanobubble systems. This creates a healthier and stronger root system than just using conventional irrigation and aeration systems alone. To test our injector’s output, we use the gold-standard nanobubble characterisation technique of Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis. This is conducted by using a specialist piece of equipment (Nanosight detector) which collects the intensity and size of nanobubbles in a system.

To put into perspective how small nanobubbles are, they are not visible when viewed under a microscope. Nanobubbles have a diameter of 1/400th of a human hair.

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MAGENTA Shores Golf & Country Club has never looked better. The course is a prestigious links-style layout located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, straddling the magnificent Tuggerah Lake and the Pacific Ocean. For irrigation, Magenta uses Class B-treated sewerage with an emergency bore water top up to feed the on-course dam. Like most golf courses, Magenta has faced some challenges over the years with diseases and pathogens plaguing its fairways, greens and tees. Using treated water and bore water as the primary sources of irrigation for the course meant the water had virtually no dissolved oxygen and was high in chlorine and bicarbonates due to chemical treatment. Results from the dam’s water analysis testing came back showing that the course’s irrigation water supply was the cause of ongoing turf issues. Magenta was actively seeking a solution to these water quality issues and decided to install the NBT Sports Turf Solution. This system is designed to improve the quality of irrigation water to gain better outcomes for turfgrass. After testing and consultation between the general manager, superintendent and NBT, the club proceeded with the installation. The process was straightforward, as the system has been designed to be “plug and play”.

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At Magenta, the Sports Turf Solution product works independently from the existing irrigation system, returning treated water back into the on-course dam. The treatment for the specific issues on course was determined to be a cobination of both oxygen and ozone nanobubbles. Oxygen nanobubbles increasing root growth and leaf production, and ozone nanobubbles treating bacteria and pathogens at the source. This has the dual effect of improving the quality of the turf and the quality of the water stored in the dam. “We went from average root growth of approximately 80 millimetres across the course, to nearly doubling that,” reported James Newell, Magenta’s course superintendent. “We also save on water, fungicide and fertiliser inputs, and certainly see a more uniform turf quality across the course.” It is the hyper-efficient gas transfer achieved through the patented nanobubble technology which provides these results, with the Australian-made injectors producing the highest density of nanobubbles and smallest size nanobubbles on the market today. The fairways and greens are now in fantastic condition, and the location surrounded by water and natural beauty makes a short visit or a weekend away to Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club a must-do experience.

SOURCE: australiangolfdigest.com.au | june 2023

The Science

Nanobubbles have several properties such as size, surface tension, and charge that keep them stable in liquid for several weeks. They are negatively charged on their surface, which allows them to bond with positively charged molecules like nutrients. This application results in the maximum transfer of oxygen and nutrients when water is applied to the root system. When nanobubbles are stimulated, they destabilize and collapse, releasing the hydroxyl radicals (OH) into the water. These hydroxyl radicals are some of the strongest known oxidizers and are commonly used to destroy hard to treat and hard to kill contaminants in water. Used in conjunction with ozone, our technology is the most effective way to sanitise water, and best of all its all natural.

Research has found that oxygen is critical in the root zone of plants for defence against pathogens through two mechanisms:

  1. Phytoalexin Biosynthesis: The creation of the group of chemically diverse broad-spectrum antimicrobial compounds synthesized by plants in response to attack from pathogens.
  2. Polyphenol Oxidases: Production of the activity root enzymes that destroy phenolics, which may protect plants against allelopathic inhibition and thus prevents invasiveness.
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Rest assured with our maintenance package we will keep your investment running efficiently and at its highest potential with optimum results for the application required year after year. Assembled right here in Australia, our machines are of the highest quality available. The construction of our patented injector system uses the highest quality components with a service life that has the potential to exceed 25 years. With Nanobubble Technology’s Sports Turf Solutions, we can install in line or with any existing stored water supply. Our units are made off-site, so installation demands very little disturbance to the club members and staff.

NBT Sports Turf Solutions units are sized according to:

  1. Stored water quality.
  2. Required flow rate.
  3. Stored water volume.

With all electrical included, all internal plumbing included and an air conditioner to keep the unit at a constant temp all year around.

Plant Includes:

  1. Pumps.
  2. Valves.
  3. NBT’s patented injector system.
  4. Ozone (O3) generating machine.
  5. Oxygen (O2) concentrator machine.
  6. Fully automated control box with digital display.
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